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Born and raised in southern California, Sharon knew from the time she was a teenager that California was not where she belonged. Inspired by the nostalgia of small-town living depicted in a movie, she relocated when she was twenty-one to the mid-West in hopes of finding her “Ben” and a quiet, simple life. Four years later she did, indeed, meet her “Ben” and was married a year later.

Sharon now resides on the outskirts of the Kansas City Metropolitan area with her husband of twenty-one years and two sons. Although ‘quiet’ might not be the word to describe her life, she would not trade her time home with her kids, homeschooling, for anything. Her time homeschooling her boys has stretched her, strengthened her, encouraged her and enriched her.

Sharon would say that her life has been characterized by stepping out in faith. From relocating half-way across the country on her own to walking cluelessly into the worlds of theatre and archery on her sons’ behalf, she has relied heavily on her Heavenly Father’s guidance and instruction. Through the ups and downs, joys and challenges of life, her overriding purpose and passion lie in the Lord and His word. Embarking on this journey of writing is a new step out in faith as she desires to share her deep love for the Lord and encourage you to live your life deeply rooted in a relationship with Him, and live it boldly.